What is the BEST Way to Lose Stomach Fat?


what-is-the-best-way-to-lose-stomach-fatI feel I have become somewhat of an expert in this area, or at least, an expert at researching and doing several trial and error methods of trying to lose stomach fat. Trust me, it has been an ongoing process most of my life.

Like many people, my stomach has always been my “problem” zone. For me, it seems like the most challenging area to “hide” in any clothing. I always wished my problem area was somewhere other than my stomach and I am sure so many people can relate to this frustrating feeling.

One thing I have learned is that you have got to be committed to changing a few things if you have tummy fat and want to rid yourself of it forever.

Your Reason Has to be BIGGER…

If you can make your reason for wanting to rid yourself of your stomach fat BIGGER than wanting to eat the foods that cause it… you WILL succeed. But your need for losing that fat has got to outweigh your urge for the bad foods. Period. It really is that simple.

I want to make one thing clear, I am not a diet expert. But I have done enough research over my lifetime and learned a LOT along the way. Like I mentioned earlier, I have battled with stomach fat my entire life and have lost it and gained it several times over the years.

If you have experienced years of similar troubles, one thing I really want to stress is that if you want to keep your stomach fat off, it is a lifestyle commitment and not a quick fix.

So, Are You Ready For a Lifestyle Change?what-is-the-best-way-to-lose-stomach-fat

With summer quickly approaching there has never been a better time to start so let me share with you some of the most important foods to add and take away if you want to keep your stomach fat at minimum.

We all have difficult days…especially when we don’t see results fast enough. I find it extremely helpful to stay informed and find reliable sources to refer to in times of weakness and doubt.

I am a big fan of TruthAboutAbs.com, a website with a ton of information on good foods, bad foods and the science behind what makes them good or bad.

6 Foods to Toss to Reduce Stomach-Fat NOW

1. White and highly processed starchesBy this I mean, get rid of white refined flour, white pasta and white rice. Dont worry, you will just be replacing your starches with healthier, more protein and fibre packed versions. But the idea is to cut these starches down altogether.

Replace with: 100% whole grain flour, oat flour, spelt flour, quinoa, wild rice.

2. Eliminate sugar whenever possible. If sugar has to be in your diet, do your own baking whenever possible, but completely eliminate any form of sugar as much as you can. Your stomach will thank you for this. This includes packaged juice, such as commercial orange juice.

Read my article on how commercial orange juice is produced and why it is not a healthy option. Juicing is a better option if you want to drink juice.

Replace with: 100% organic sugar cane sugar, pure maple syrup, raw honey.

3. Fried and fast foods are a big no-no. nuf said.


4. Hydrogenated fats and trans fats. These fats are “hidden” in so many packaged products such as commercially baked packaged foods, packaged snacks, commerical white buns/bread/ dough, crackers, muffins, etc. Your best bet is to go raw and natural as much as possible and try to avoid packaged and prepared foods by preparing and baking your own.

Replace with: coconut oil for cooking, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (used at room temperature -not for cooking), avocado oil, sesame oil, raw nuts, seeds.

For more detailed information on ‘healthy’ vs ‘unhealthy’ fats, HelpGuide.org has some great information and breaks it down in a simple to understand way.

5. Fatty meats. Think ground beef, pork ribs, chicken wings, thighs, drumsticks, brown turkey meat, etc. These are loaded with the “bad” fats so for tummy purposes, avoid these meats whenever possible.

Replace with: chicken breast, lean beef, pork roast, ground chicken breast, ground white turkey, lean fish such as salmon (wild salmon, not farmed and grass-fed or organic meats when possible).

6. Dairy that is high in sugar. Beware of ice cream, processed cheese and sugar packed yogurt. Reduce your need for drinking too much milk. There are plenty of other ways to get your calcium and vitamin D in.

Replace with: Nut milks, low-fat, high protein cheeses such as ricotta, feta and cottage cheese. Full fat PLAIN greek yogurt is a good alternative to sugary yogurts.

I wanted to mention salt (sodium)  as well. Although it does not cause the stomach fat, it does cause stomach bloat. It is important to follow a diet relatively low in sodium or at least among the normal levels for you. Talk to your doctor about your recommended amount of daily sodium intake.

6 Stomach Slimming Foods to Add to Your Menu

  1. Healthy fats such as olives, avocados, olive oil, sesame oil, cold pressed organic coconut oil on its own and for cooking with
  2. Dark green leafy vegetables such as brussel sprouts, kale, spinach, parsley, salad
  3. Raw nuts (this means not roasted or salted)
  4. Fruits (in moderation) such as grapefruit, berries
  5.  High fibre sees such as hemp, chia, or flax
  6. Lean proteins such as beans, chicken, pork and fish

Whenever possible try to pair your meals by choosing a lean protein and a vegetable or salad and skip the starch such as the potato, pasta or rice. You don’t have to be strict about this all of the time, but try to do it at least 50% of the time. IF you do, you WILL see changes.

Starches are not always necessary and it is best to cut them out, especially at dinner time. Starches have historically been added to our meals more so out of habit than out of hunger. We have become accustomed to using starches as a “filler” for our plates and all this really does is add unnecessary calories and make us feel bloated. If your plate has a good lean protein with fibre packed vegetables or salad, you will be full.

This may feel hard to get used to at first and it may even feel unsatisfying. But once you get used to eating without the starch every time, you will not miss it.

Obviously, keep your calories in check. Only you know what is right for your body so follow your own guidelines. The bottom line is that if you change most of the above most of the time, the fat WILL melt off. It will only depend how extreme you are being about the changes. Go at your own comfortable and healthy pace.

Exercise is excellent as well for burning unwanted stomach fat. A good cardiovascular routine for at least 30 minutes, 3-6 times a week will bring even better and much faster results.

Plus doing cardio exercises and weights will raise your metabolism to a level that will allow your body to burn fat more efficiently.

What Motivates You?

Finding what motivates you can mean the difference between success and failure.

I mentioned earlier that your motivation for wanting a flat stomach has to be BIGGER than your need for what causes your stomach fat. i.e, your motivation for a flat stomach outweighs the craving for a fresh baked doughnut.

It’s tough, and challenging at times but so rewarding to see the results. What ever your motivation may be, you have got to keep seeing the big picture and the final result.

I wear a smartwatch (I currently use the Fitbit Blaze) to help me keep moving. I let it be my guide and on days that I cannot make it to the gym it pushes me to move a little more.

Although a smartwatch works for me, everyone has their own motivation to keep moving and it is important that you find yours. Remember, you are aiming for a lifestyle change so do this at your own comfortable pace (but push yourself just a little:)


I love to hear success stories and stories of struggle and perseverance. Have you battled with stomach fat too? Please feel free to share below or contact me with questions.





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