What is Spy Gear For Kids?


I recently learned from my daughter about a very popular kids collection of entertainment gadgets called “Spy Gear”.  At first I ignored my daughter’s request to buy some for her birthday because it sounded expensive. As time went on she kept asking for it so I decided to research it on the internet.

To my surprise I found Spy Gear to be very reasonably priced. Most items are between $10 – $30 dollars a piece. Of course the idea though,  is to collect at least 3 or 4 gadgets to “be a real spy”.

What is Spy Gear?

So what exactly is Spy Gear for Kids? It is a collection of spy equipment meant for imaginary play for ages 6+. There are gadgets such as night vision goggles, spy recording pens, spy video glasses, spy mics, spy watches, spy camera’s, and so on. The whole idea is to be a “spy” and go on missions that are created purely from the imagination, so you can guess why a lot of parents would approve of this type of play.

Anything that entertains my kids and encourages them to use their own imagination (away from the TV and video games) gets a thumbs up from me. A good collection of Spy Gear can keep children entertained for hours.

I beleive its super important to connect to your own “inner child” when you listen to your children’s requests. When I heard my daughter explain how “awesome” Spy Gear is, it brought back some memories from my own childhood that I shared with her.

I told her how my friends and I used to spy on my brothers and how it made us feel so “top secret” on our missions. We didn’t have such advanced gadgets of course, but I can only imagine how much more exciting it would have made our missions if we did.

Can you imagine being a six year old and owning a pair of night vision glasses or having access to special glasses that decoded messages from your friends?

I found this video on YouTube that shows some kids on one of their “missions” to put on leash on their unsuspecting dog.

Spy Gear Prices

The best prices I found for Spy Gear was on Amazon. Here is a direct link to Spy Gear items. Take note that although these gadgets are for 6+, some of them are a little advanced and coded 8+.

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What about you? Do you have any childhood spy stories?





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