Vitamix 6300 Costco Review, Worth It?

Name: Vitamix 6300

Price: $600+

Where to purchase: Costco or Amazon for best price vitamix

Overall Rank: 9/10

Vitamix 6300 Product Overview:

For years I wanted to buy a Vitamix. I know I am not alone -but who can afford to spend $600+ on a blender?? Well, fast forward a few years and I sold my house, made a bit of a profit and my husband’s gift to me was a Vitamix blender. He bought me the one from Costco that has the 3 preset buttons for smoothie, soups and frozen treats. They are only available at Costco a few times a year when Vitamix does their shows but Amazon always sells them and for a better price!

Now, I’m not gonna lie….

…I felt guilty. So guilty, in fact, that I had my husband return it briefly after a few weeks of using it.  But then remorse set in and I realized I missed it! So, I sent him back to re-buy it. I knew we were at a time in our lives where we could afford the luxury and if we didn’t buy it now, we may not be able to afford it again.

Let me tell you why I missed it…

The Vitamix 6300 is a super high powered blender. Once I tried it, I just couldn’t give it up. I could do so many things with it and I suddenly felt like the master of my kitchen. I was making peanut butter from peanuts, almond milk from almonds, butter, pure organic apple juice, frozen yogurt, hot soups, oat flour and quinoa flour, you name it. I was thrilled at the idea of being able to eat so healthy and clean – and so easily!

But, the REAL reason I kept it…

The most valuable reason for me to justify the cost was that the Vitamix made super smooth and professional smoothies. No lumps, no mess, with easy breezy smoothie consistency. This is important to me because it is how my family gets a lot of our daily vitamins ingested in a quick, no fuss fashion.

The vegetables and fruits, no matter how hard, will mix right down to a smooth and creamy texture in minutes. My kids love it too because I can add cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, etc. and they wouldn’t even know it is there. Without the high power of a blender like this, you are liable to be choking down a salad from a regular blender like my husband and I used to dread doing every morning. I’m not kidding – before we invested in the Vitamix 6300 we felt like we were drinking our salad. Yuk!

The Good and The Bad:


Pro #1 – Time Saver! A smoothie or shake can be a meal on the go. As long as you add veggies, fruits, protein or even oatmeal, it can be a full nutritious meal.

Pro #2 – Great for Baking – the super high power of the Vitamix will make easy flours from scratch, butter, nut butters, etc. in virtually seconds.

Pro #3 – Durability -the Vitamix blenders are built to last. Although they are an investment up front, the quality of the steel blades, coupled with a full 5-7 year warranty, make these blenders a top competitor that will outlast some of the competition 3 – 10 times. Vitamix quotes their blenders to be “the best warranty you will probably never need.”


Con #1 – They are loud machines. If you have a baby or small children in the house they tend to scare the heck out of them! I usually send out a warning to everyone in the house before I blend!

Con #2 – They are quite high and do not sit on the counter under the cupboards. You will have to remove the blender from the base to store, which in my books, is no big deal. Vitamix does offer a solution for this, they now offer a 32 ounce shorter blender container, available on Amazon for best price.

Con #3 – Costly, definitely and investment purchase. With this in mind, you may want to check out a few less expensive high power blenders, but I suggest doing your research. I have heard mixed reviews on the Blendtec Total Blender, which is known to be the next best for high powered blenders compared to the Vitamix. I have also heard a few positive reviews on the Ninja Professional Blender.

My Final Opinion of the Vitamix 6300:

A great buy if you can afford it, I wouldn’t break the bank buying it. I feel like this blender is a pure luxury for most families. However, if you feel like nutrition is important to you and the health of your loved ones, making blending a part of your daily routine is a super easy way to get all of your daily nutrients in. Making shakes and smoothies will be a time saver for sure and the clean up is really no big deal.

You will have to weigh your options to see if spending the money up front is worth the time you will save each week in preparing meals. I find I can skip making lunches and dinners sometimes and just make us all a shake. Or I am ‘guilt free’ if the kids want cheese pizza for dinner if they had their shake for the day.

This blender is great for people who want to make their own baking ingredients, butters, nut butters, etc. In my opinion the Vitamix 6300 is worth every penny but I would suggest looking into less expensive blenders if you are not comfortable with the high cost of the Vitamix.






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