Healthy Play

Play Time

Play time is essential to our children’s overall well being and lets face it, our little ones are only little for so long.  I don’t know about you, but my experience has included hundreds of comments from other parents regarding this. People constantly giving advice on treasuring this time,  or they only remain this small for a blink of eye.  Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?

We Have The Most Influence From 0-5 Years

I always remember hearing that we have the most influence on our children between the ages of 0-5. This means we only have 5 years to create a good foundation of habits, including how our children manage their time. When I heard this it struck me huge! I remember reading about this 5 year window when my first born was already 3! GULP.  My mind was suddenly racing through the 3 years and all the mistakes I felt I made. I knew it was time to put more thought into what message I was giving my children by how I responded to their needs.

Imaginary And Playground Play

We all know kids love to play.. it is their lifeline.  It is through play kidsplay3that important cognitive development skills are enhanced.  In today’s society distractions that take children away from proper play time are everywhere.  It has never been easier for kids to be taken away from their pastime of imaginary play, playground play, and sports.  There are video game devices, smartphones, ipads, tablets, etc., (which of course include an obscene amount of apps designed for babies, toddlers and ALL ages). There are also online communities such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and various other chat groups.  We are so inundated with entertainment technology, that it can be overwhelming- to say the least.

We Are In This Together

My goal here is to provide parents with healthy and alternative solutions to the potential problems that come with too much technology (I write this as I stuck my 4 year old in front of her new favorite movie, Frozen, to buy time to work on my website!). Parent to parent, I can tell you that I depend on technology to entertain my children when it is convenient. There I said it. My point is, we are all human. Mistakes happen and life gets busy!

I Invite You To Teach Me A Few Things

Let us face these challenges together! I would love to have a community of parents sharing ideas and stories on what works for them and their families. Also, visit my site again for great playtime ideas for keeping our little ones busy and active. I will be posting new and unique ideas and recipes as often as I can.