How to Treat Colic in Babies, A Colic Calm Review

Colic Calm to Soothe Your Baby

Colic Calm to Soothe Your Baby

Product: Colic Calm


Cost: About $25.00

Rating: 9/10

 So many mother’s (yes, father’s too!) have suffered sleepless nights trying to soothe their baby. The feeling of helplessness that we have all felt at some time or another is all too familiar. And the same questions go through our heads over and over again… “what could it be? What could I do to make it better?” We beat ourselves up going through every scenario in the book in desperation to find the answer and make it stop. But it doesn’t sometimes. Sometimes it continues for weeks.

Yes, I am talking about the colicky baby.

You know it, I know it, it is dreadful. Mostly because we feel so attached to helping our babies feel warmth, love and secure with us. So to deal with a baby who cries almost non-stop at times for no clear reason is a little frustrating, to say the least.

Both of my children were colicky, to some extent. My first child was the child who cried for hours every evening around dinner time. The classic case of colic. Luckily, it ended after only a few months. It wasn’t easy but I know I got off much luckier than some parents.

My second child was more colicky in the sense that he would moan and groan all night long, having sleepless nights and short naps. Just your typical “fussy” baby. I chalked it up to gas and gut problems because of the way he was so unsettled and the moaning type of cries.

After weeks and weeks of my son not getting any more “settled”, I was at wits end trying to figure it out. I was using google for every little piece of advice and symptom I could find more information on. I tried everything from switching his formula  (a couple of times) to using a diluted essential oil digestion aid to medicine to using basic gripe water  to probiotics, and scheduling pointless doctor’s appointments.

Nothing was working and the sleepless nights were really getting to me.

I remember seeing Colic Calm pop up on quite a few of my google searches. I just never ordered it because it seemed like a “wimpy” product to me (to be honest), with it’s all natural description. I felt like it was just going to end up like my essential oil digestive aid, which did nothing to help. And I am a naturalist! I think I must have had “baby brain” and suffered from sleep deprivation so I can only conclude that I was not making the best choices. As it turns out, I eventually ordered Colic Calm and my life changed.

Colic Calm changed my life…

OK, admittedly that sounds a bit dramatic:). But when you are as desperate as I was at the time it did feel like it was literally a life saving decision once I realized Colic Calm worked. Here is a product that claims to cure colic, infant gas, fussiness, reflux, and even hiccups.

Colic Calm

The Pro’s of Using Colic Calm

The best part about Colic Calm for me is that it is a 100% safe and natural product which contains all natural ingredients. So I gave regular doses guilt free. At one point I was giving my baby daily doses of reflux medication which didn’t even work so I was all too happy to be giving him a natural product that claims to do the same thing but actually worked!

Ingredient List from Colic Calm’s website:

“Natural Active Ingredients: A homeopathic blend of chamomile, fennel, caraway, peppermint, ginger, aloe, lemon balm, blackthorn and vegetable charcoal.

Our side-effect-free gripe water contains NO alcohol, sugar, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), simethicone, herbal oils or extracts, artificial flavors or colors. In addition, there is NO wheat, gluten, soy, starch or dairy in our formula.”

Colic Calm didn’t work right away, there were still a few sleepless nights when I first started using it. One day I realized my baby was sleeping more and complaining less. Eventually he just settled all together. Although it wasn’t an instant fix for my baby, I have heard and read several testimonials from other parents. Some experienced immediate relief (like our child), while others experienced a bit of a waiting period for the product to start working.  This is not shocking to me at all as it is very typical of natural remedies, they are generally very effective but often take longer to have results. Patience is key. And boy was I glad I waited!

Colic Calm is FDA approved and considered a homeopathic medicine. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean homeopathic medicine is controversy free, it does mean that you can have comfort in knowing when a product is FDA approved it means several scientific studies have been conducted on the safety and use of the product.

Colic Calm treats the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. This is huge for me. To get the problem cured just means peace of mind for the whole family. So many products out there are designed to mask the problem instead of actually curing it.

The Cons of Using Colic Calm

There are a few things about Colic Calm that were a little less than ideal but nothing that would make me not want to use the product again.

For instance, it is a bit pricey. I found it ran around the same price ($25) as the probiotic drops I bought and just a bit less than a box of diapers. So, although I didn’t want to spend the money initially, I quickly realized there is no cost for peace of mind.

Also, it is super sticky (much like regular gripe water) and inevitably drips down baby’s face and neck, getting into their little folds. So you have to make sure you have a warm wash cloth on hand to get the mess before it dries up on their skin.

Colic Calm is black in color too so it will likely stain clothing. I usually used a bib or a receiving blanket wrapped around my son’s clothing so avoid a spill.

Final Verdict

To conclude, I highly suggest Colic Calm to any parent experiencing infant colic. I know in our family we experienced a relief that was necessary just to regain our composure. Often you don’t realize how lack of sleep and emotional stress can cause so much chaos in your life at a time when you are supposed to be enjoying the time the most!

As I mentioned above, Colic Calm literally changed our life and most importantly it made our son feel better and helped him to be able to relax, pain free and sleep peacefully. He was feeding better with more sleep and he was just generally all around a more sound baby after using Colic Calm.

Are you wondering if your baby has colic? I have attached a survey below from the Colic Calm website that will help you find out if you are experiencing colic in your baby.

===> Colic Symptom Survey <===

Do you have a Colic experience? If so, please share below about how you and your family dealt with it.



Colic Calm

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