Healthy Smoothies for Picky Eaters

you have yourself a ‘picky eater’? My little picky eater inspired me to create the perfect smoothie recipe. It was my only hope to get her daily veggies in her. So I went on my own personal mission to create a healthy but tasty smoothie. It was definitely a trial and error but with a great end result! The best part is that she loves it! If you have a picky eater and fin
d it to be a challenge to get them to eat veggies, try this recipe below. It should ease your conscience a bit:)

My trick is the pineapple juice. It is so sweet tasting that it does a great job of disguising any veggie I throw into it. My next trick is using my Vitamix 6300 on the smoothie setting. It is not absolutely necessary but it does help to keep a perfect smooth and creamy texture to any smoothie you make. And if you have yourself a picky eater it is probably key to keep all lumps and bumps out of the smoothie.


1 cup of not from concentrate pineapple juice

1 cup of frozen blueberries or strawberriesblendercup

1/4 avacado

1/3 organic apple

2 inch chunk of cucumber, peeled (keeps the bitterness out)

1 generous handful of organic spinach or kale

1/2 frozen banana

2 cubes of frozen yam puree (I have them pre-made but this ingredient is optional for more veggie content.)

1/2 scoop of vegan high protein powder (I use Kaizen 100% natural whey protein isolate vanilla.)


Toss all ingredients into the blender starting with liquid first. If you are using bananas or berries that are not frozen, just add a cup of ice cubes to the mixture. If you are finding it to thick, slowly add more pineapple juice to reach desired consistency.

I put all of it into a large cup with a lid and wide straw. If I ‘eye ball’ the ingredients and end up making it too big, I just enjoy drinking the extras myself! Enjoy!

More Healthy Smoothies for Picky Eaters

I will be posting more recipes in the future! Please look for them soon:) Also, I would welcome any recipes you would like to share in the comments below. Us moms can always use some advice and new recipes. Can’t wait to see them!



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