Healthy Food



We are very fortunate to live in a society where we can grab a hot prepared meal at any time, almost anywhere for a good price. There are fast food options on every busy corner, convenience stores on almost every city block, and even our grocery stores serve prepared hot food these days. What a beautiful thing…

But Wait….IS IT?

Truth be told, this fast and convenient option may come with a fair bit of health compromises. When we give up preparing our own food from scratch, we risk filling up on more processed foods which contain food additives that are simply not healthy.

In order for convenience foods to be prepared in mass quantities, there are typically more inexpensive and highly procesprocessedfoodsed ingredients added for packaging and storing – all to maintain freshness. (And fresh makes us feel as if we are eating fresh prepared food, right?).

But, this is not a new concept. Most of the general population realize that processed foods are not the best option when it comes to health. So why do we consume so much of it?

TIME. Of course we are a society that depends on time saving any way we can take it. So our diet suffers.

But This Is Not A Reason To Give Up On Nutrients..

Here at Healthy Little Hearts, my mission is to provide easy and inexpensive time-saving methods of preparing fresh, on the go food for your children.  Pgirlvegetableslease take a look at my recipes page and posts for great tips on how to feed your children good, nutritious and easy meals and snacks.

I would love to hear some great recipes and time saving meal tips from you! The comment section is always open for discussion. I look forward to hearing what I can learn from you!