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Easy Homemade Almond Milk

Making your own almond milk, or any nut milk for that matter, is a simple process and may sound a lot more complicated than it actually is. This technique is simple, a healthier choice for some, and tastes delicious too. Nut milks are a great alternative to other milks, especially if they are homemade. One very important
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I have never really been a big fan of orange juice or juice in general. I suppose for me, the term “never drink your calories” has stuck and so I made a conscious choice to eat chocolate instead (guilty pleasure:).  Because of this, I typically don’t buy juice much in our house. But every once in
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It’s Christmas night and I am doing my usual – making my bone broth soup with the turkey carcass.  I have been doing this since learning the health benefits about 6 or so years ago. Before that I would usually just throw the carcass out because I was too tired and lazy to make soup after
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