DIY Home Remedies

How To Cure Eczema

I have to admit, eczema is a completely new term for me. I have never suffered from it, my family growing up (and there were 7 of us) never suffered from it, and my first child never got it either. My second child, however, does have eczema. This has been my inspiration for sharing my
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How to Prepare For Flu Season, Naturally!

The time of year has arrived that it seems everyone is taking extra precaution to protect themselves and their children from catching the dreaded flu bug. I know the season is here when my kids keep getting play dates cancelled due to so many of their peers being sick. Since my daughter is in school
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Whipped Moisturizing Lotion

  I have been making my own homemade lotion recipe on my baby’s and 4 year old daughter’s skin for after their evening bath. I want to share this wonderful recipe to everyone I know who have babies and young children. It makes me super excited to talk about because their skin has never felt
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