Bone Broth Soup Health Benefits

It’s Christmas night and I am doing my usual – making my bone broth soup with the turkey carcass.  I have been doing this since learning the health benefits about 6 or so years ago. Before that I would usually just throw the carcass out because I was too tired and lazy to make soup after the hustle and bustle of Christmas day.bonebroth

I wanted to write this article in hopes of reaching out to more people about the importance of using your turkey carcass. In fact, there are many supplements – such as glucosamine for bone health or collagen for skin, hair, joints, that people take that are in bone broth! So hopefully you don’t waste this healthy opportunity like I did for so many years!

Bone broth soup health benefits range from providing gut support to immune function to assisting with healthy hair, skin, joints, and nails. Our ancestors used to use it regularly as it was always known as a healing food. Somehow in modern times we have gotten away from realizing how important bone broth really is. But bone broth is making a come back.

Perhaps the most important health benefits come from the unique amino acids available in bone broth. This is why bone broth is known to be a super healing food and helps illness and disease subside a lot faster. I guess that’s why Grandma always insisted on homemade chicken soup to get through cold and flu season.

Bone Broth For Healing and Sealing Your Gut

According to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Bone broth is excellent for “healing and sealing” your gut. In her book, she describes the concept of healing your gut lining through diet using bone broth as a main source. Dr. Campbell-McBride goes on to explain how bone broth is easily digestible and contains valuable nutrients that heal the lining of your gut. This provides an outcome of a much stronger immune system helping to combat disease and dysfunction.

Bone Broth For Beautybeautifulhair

It turns out that bone broth has a substantial amount of natural gelatin due to the breakdown of the bones while cooking. Gelatin is the best source for healthy hair, skin, and nails and who doesn’t want that? Since I am not able to get my homemade bone broth all of the time, I use an excellent collagen supplement to keep my hair, skin, nails and joins healthy and I have noticed a huge difference, especially as I age.

Bone Broth has Amino Acids and Minerals

There are some very important and beneficial amino acids in bone broth which have healing properties and anti-inflammatory effects. Bone broth also contains valuable minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur chondroitin, glucosamine, and a variety of trace minerals which are essential to bone health.

Bone Broth Assists in Healing Seasonal Allergies

allergiesI read somewhere that bone broth is an excellent source for keeping seasonal allergies in control – which is why I started making it in the first place. I battle with seasonal allergies and so does my 5 year old daughter. Like any mother, I want to do the best for my children and dosing her with allergy medication wasn’t on my list of ‘best things to do’.

It turns out the minerals and anti-inflammatory effects help to lesson the symptoms of allergies. The immune support you get from good gut health plays a key role in keeping seasonal allergies in control and have a positive effect on your respiratory system.

How To Make Bone Broth

Making a good bone broth is not hard. Just get yourself a very large pot, fill it with as much water as you think you would want for a nice portion of bone broth. Remember that you will loose some volume so double up if you can. Boil with bones for at least 4 hours, but up to 12 hours on low simmer is even better. I would add some vegetables for flavor for the last 2 hours. Add some sea salt and pepper to taste. Once finished, let your broth cool and strain it. Refrigerate. Skim off the fat and strain again. Put liquid into glass jars and freeze.

That is it in a nutshell but there are several recipes available on-line if you feel like you need to follow a recipe. Just remember the key is to boil for at least the minimum 4 hours but longer is better.

What do you do with your left over Turkey bones? Do you make broth? I would love to hear your ideas.




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